What We Believe

What We Believe as United Methodists

The Core of Methodist Beliefs:

  • We believe in a triune God, which means He is one being with three personalities.
  • We believe God is Ruler of the universe, Creator of all things, and loves people. We can experience His love and grace.
  • We believe that Jesus was both man and God, that He died on the cross to pay the price for our sin, that God raised Him from the dead and that He is the Lord of all things. Through faith in Jesus we receive eternal spiritual life.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit lives inside all who own Christ as Lord, that He empowers people to love and obey God and love people, that He comforts the hurting and convicts people of sin.
  • We believe that people were created in God’s image and have free will- that is they choose whether to accept or reject Jesus as Lord of their life.
  • We believe the Bible is the primary authority of faith and practice. We believe that studying the Bible helps us know God and God’s principles.
  • We believe that the Kingdom of God is a present reality and a future hope.
  • We believe in and practice the sacraments of communion and water baptism.


What We Believe as a Church

Vision: To develop disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mission: We develop disciples by sowing love and worship of the Father, growing in the teachings of Jesus, and going to all people with the good news through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Our church believes strongly in the importance and power of prayer. In addition to encouraging personal and group prayer we have a Prayer Chain, and a Prayer Corner to pray for the concerns of others. The prayer chain is for immediate prayer requests in times of crisis. Call June Richardson at (802) 223-2047. Prayer requests will be passed around the prayer chain as soon as possible. The prayer corner is a list of prayer concerns that are printed in the church bulletin to be remembered and prayed for by all church members.