In light of the current Covid-19 virus situation, we are changing how we do things. We are following all the government guidelines and trying to keep each other safe.

Should you want to talk, or have questions, please call Pastor David Adams at 802-888-1764; Mail him at: P.O. Box 181, Lake Elmore, VT 05657; or email:



We currently offer two alternate methods of worship services. We have in person services at the church Sunday morning at 10:30 and electronic worship materials to be used at either that service or for home worship. See below for more detailed information on each of these.

Indoor Worship Service at the Church – Sunday Morning at 10:30 – Bring your copy of the worship order (see below) and mask. We will sit six (6) feet apart and twelve (12) feet from the lectern. Please come prepared – having washed your hands at home and wearing a mask. Things will be much different due to COVID-19, please see the Inside Worship Re-entry, Protocol below for information before coming to a Worship Service.

Worship Services/Materials – We are also providing online worship service materials. These include a bulletin with links to songs, quotes and prayer.   The worship materials are in the files below.


Ongoing Activities

Sunday School is not meeting at this time. Here is a link for free activities for children to use at home. . There are many other sites with children’s activities on the internet

The Adult Study Group is meeting using Zoom. Contact Janie for more information.

Youth Bible Activity/Discussion – Youth from seventh to twelfth grade are invited to attend a series on how to read the Bible. This is being offered online using Zoom or phone. These sessions take place every Wednesday at 7 PM. It is a 15 minute chat that includes a 5 minute video on reading the Bible. It will be short, sweet, and to the point. Youth from seventh to twelfth grade are invited. We’ll talk about what we watched as well as check in with the group. Contact Jane Kimberley ( ) The Bible is the only book that will give you the answers to the questions of our origin, morality, life meaning, and our final destination.  If you would like to explore content and tips on reading the Bible, contact us. Help spread the word, please.

The Prayer Team continues to pray for concerns in our community, our nation and the world. We pray that God will care for us, and help us through this difficult time. Please contact Pastor David with any prayer concerns.

Meals On Wheels. We are delivering meals for this program.

Community Gathering and fun time (Open Doors) – will resume on May 19th, from 9:30 – 11:30. Come and join us for a fun time of playing games, doing puzzles and enjoying conversation and friendship. This is open to everyone.

United Methodist Women does not have any meetings scheduled at this time.

Good Samaritan Haven meals delivery are suspended at this time.


Special Upcoming Events

Pastor David’s retirement party in Worcester on June 19, from 11 until 2 at the church.


Upcoming Church Meetings

Annual Conference on June 9-12.


 See the Calendar page for a more complete listing of church activities. You can select the Month, List, Week or Day tabs on the top of the calendar for different ways of viewing the calendar. You can also select the categories below the calendar to see specific categories of events. Due to limited space on the calendar, you may need to click on an event for more information on that certain activity. Also, only one event can be shown per day. Select ‘See more‘ on a specific day to see more events on that day or select the List tab at the top of the page for a complete list of events.

Ongoing church activities are also discussed on the Ministries and Worship Services page